How To Use Wefbee's Facebook Auto Follower / Auto Friend Requester Latest Version Of 2017 (In the end of this page. there is a video tutorial)

If you’re here probably you’re searching for ways to increase your followers on Facebook and have a bit of more fame and name on the popular social networking site. In this article I am going to tell you a step by step procedure to gain more followers with ease for free. And to build yourself an huge audience and grow your business on Facebook or just show off infront of your friends whatever your purpose is our Tool will provide everything you need. In this article we will get you through a step by tutorial on gaining mass audience on Facebook.

Let us introuduce you to a site named one of the most trusted, effective and spamless tool for facebook to gain Auto requests, Auto Likes and Comments for posts. Site has pretty easy interface and designed to meet all kinds of internet users from techies to newbies.

  • So first of all headover to your preferred browser but latest version of Chrome is recommended type into the address bar and hit Enter or just click on the link. It will direct you to the official site Wefbee. In those many tools you’re going to find on site here I am going to demonstrate “How to get Facebook Auto Followers”.

  • You’ll land up upon a site like the one below.

  • Scroll till you can see a bunch of tools like below.

  • Click on the option named “Facebook Auto Followers”.

  • Read all the precautions before using the Tool.

  • Open in a new tab and log into your account.

  • Find a Button that says “Click Here” and click on that (Note that you have to be logged into your facebook account in other Tab).

  • Enter the Same Username and Password you used for Facebook to login.

  • You’ll see a Green BOX full of some Characters copy that whole stuff and paste it into block below the Green BOX.

  • Click on the Button that says “Submit” you’ll soon get a message saying “Success, Token Generated”.

  • Copy the Access Token previsously generated and paste it on the site ( ) like below.

  • Click on Login.

  • Click on the “Use Auto Request” button.

  • Now again click on “Send requests to me”.

  • You can see the friend requests coming in.

  • As you can see the requests incoming don’t confirm them they’ll turn into followers.

  • That’s how you use our website to gain more followers on Facebook.

  • If you have any queries feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with us on our Facebook Page.

  • I hope you enjoyed this article Have Fun Cheers.

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